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April 20th - Day started out great - (it was my birthday), and I was on LBJ headed to work at 7:30 AM, in the rain, and I rear-ended someone - my hood was dented, other person's (PU truck) bumber was askew, but thankfully no one hurt... exchanged insurance and continued on... about 1 1/2 miles from work my car overheated - apparently smashing the hood damaged the radiator = It is now in the shop... SIGH!

Day ended well though with both mine and Norm's children over for dinner and B-day cake... and the most amazing gift (Sold out concert tickets for Saturday night that Norm won on Ebay to a show I was so disappointed I couldn't go to!!!) BLUE OCTOBER at LAKEWOOD! Wooooo-hoo!

Headed to Arlington Museum of Art for Alan and Sudie's wedding, then to the concert!! What a great day/week...
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